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The Symphony Orchestra of the
Razgrad Philharmony was founded in 1922 by
Ilia Barnev. The first performed concert included
Unfinished symphony No 8 by Schubert and Egmont
Overture by Beethoven. The orchestra was composed
of 40 musicians and was fully completed according to
the scores.

In 1947, the Razgrad amateur orchestra performed a
concert in the capital, in Bulgaria Hall, under the
conductorship of Stephan Vachev and then the
orchestra became a state orchestra.

The repertoire of the orchestra includes symphonic
and opera compositions of various styles and

Almost all famous and outstanding conductors and
soloists from Bulgaria and other countries have been
guests of the orchestra.

The orchestra has made tours in Germany, Italy,
Sweden, Greece, Turkey etc.with great success.

Petko Stainov:...”I don’t know how many
and which are the towns in Bulgaria that can present
if not an orchestra some other cultural work from the
rank of the Symphonic Orchestra of Razgrad.”

Ilia Barnev – 1922-1947
Stephan Vachev – 1945-1954
Nikola Ivanov – 1954-1955
Nikolay Tonev – 1955-1957
David Nedyalkov – 1956-1959
Philip Lambev – 1958-1962
Ivan Bakalov – 1959
Dimitar Karagyozov – 1960-1964
Sabka Genovska – 1962-1964
Asen Markov – 1966
Stephan Vachev – 1967-1969
Asparuh Lissov – 1969-1970
Nikolay Tonev - 1970-1975
Georgi Chimshirov - 1971-2013
Krassen Inanov - 1979-1990
Krassen Ivanov - 1992-2019
Levon Manukyan - 2007
Kalina Vassileva - 2015 - 2017

Razgrad Philharmonic Orchestra “Professor D.Nenov” and “Dunavski Valni” Choir - Ruse,
after a performance of the 9th Symphony by Beethoven on a celebration of 60th anniversary
of National Symphony Orchestra and 145 years of orchestra work in Razgrad.
/9th May 2007/
Conductors of the Orchestra:
Razgrad philharmony “Prof. Dimitar Nenov”
Golden Book of the
State Symphony
Orchestra - Razgrad